Snap! cops break a kid's arm. family sues for a million dollars.added Tue Feb 4 11:32:41 2014 ago by Tubezzz in: The Tubez | views: 18

A surveillance video shows two cops in Rotterdam, New York breaking the arm of a special needs 16-year-old while trying to remove him from a school bus. Two cops attempted to convince the teen to get off of the vehicle — the entire time, the teen remained on his seat, unresponsive. After 30 minutes of asking the teen to get up, the cops used force to remove him from the bus. The boy’s arm was broken in the process. Now, the boy’s family is suing the town police for $1 million.

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Guest Tubezzz. Feb-4-2014

shoot the f***ing coops.

Guest Tubezzz. Feb-16-2014

ha ha ha should have done what they asked him to do in the first place, fucking bitch retard

btterfly75 Tubezzz. Apr-1-2014

Fuck that boy and his family! Little fuck should have gotten off and not resisted. I will be so pissed if that family gets a fucking dime!

Guest Tubezzz. Apr-12-2014

Police brutality... Pathetic. The boy deserved something less than a broken arm for resisting, but the dumb ass cops deserved something for being so brutal. They both got their share.

Guest Tubezzz. Apr-23-2014

sue the school..cops....then hunt down each grown up involved in this video even the old school bus driving lookin bitch....break each & every limb they have very slow...very! one ask the kid really asked him what was wrong? why kids kill in schools.....there is your answer dumb asses...why did billy do it...;(....dumb asses!

sweetbayag Tubezzz. May-11-2014

lynch the oink pigs. squeal!!

Nabucodonosor Tubezzz. Jul-1-2014


Guest Tubezzz. Aug-4-2014

some people her are just sick fuckers shut ur mouth i hope u get ur arm broke for speeding or something u bastard cop lovers..... fuck the Police ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS Burn them alive.

Petedeamon Tubezzz. Aug-8-2014

That little dick needs his spoiled ass kicked from one side of the world to the other. Parents who raise this kind of crap need their asses kicked as well.

Guest Tubezzz. Aug-31-2014

Just how retarded does a reader have to be not to realize that "Special needs" means he is mentally handicapped?

This is the kind of brilliant commentary we get when society gives a keyboard to someone without a basic reading, comprehension test.

Guest Tubezzz. Nov-25-2014

Pure genius! Yes, we all need to go out and shoot coops. Too many coops out there, what with all our troubles with over chicken population, and all those darn coops to keep them all in!

Sune sug Tubezzz. Dec-31-2014

The parents should pay!
What a dumb fuck!. . .

typicalpastyskins Tubezzz. Jan-11-2015

Typical white thug pigs

chaplin Tubezzz. Jan-16-2015

fuck you,you petedeamon and your whore cock sucker mother

Ur Dumb! Tubezzz. Feb-20-2015

HaHaHaHa, Your Dumb!

Guest Tubezzz. May-31-2015

cerdos hpts,entodos los países los hay,solo sirven para atacar a quienes les pagamos impuestos;y quienes los gastan,los protegen

Guest Tubezzz. Jul-6-2015

lol short bus shawty

Guest Tubezzz. Jun-11-2016

snap goes the chicken wing

oops Tubezzz. Aug-4-2016

You can hear the cop say 'fuck I broke his arm'

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