Irish dad's reaction to the news his son 'failing the driving test'added Tue Feb 4 11:31:17 2014 ago by Tubezzz in: The Tubez | views: 3

Having your license is definitely an awesome feeling, but failing your driving test is the worst. Not only do we put pressure on ourselves to succeed, but pressure from our parents expectations can be suffocating as well. When we do finally pass our driving test we can’t wait to celebrate with our family and friends. Others lie to their parents and record their reaction.

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defsnow1 Tubezzz. Apr-7-2014

nice father ;D

Guest Tubezzz. Jun-6-2014

jeosis fiokin chroist.

pcash Tubezzz. Aug-25-2014

great old fella

Guest Tubezzz. May-14-2015

I love the Irish language...but taking the name of Jesus is blasphemous!

Believe Tubezzz. May-14-2015

And you'll be bowing to Him one day!

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