Man thrown from car after crazy over-taking manoeuvreadded Wed Feb 5 17:34:30 2014 ago by Tubezzz in: Mad World | views: 1


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andrewnxa Tubezzz. Mar-3-2014


Guest Tubezzz. Mar-16-2014

What's with the floss pick?

Guest Tubezzz. Jun-1-2014

I believe I can fly..

Esor69 Tubezzz. Aug-8-2014

thats what he gets i hope the other person is okay

Petedeamon Tubezzz. Aug-8-2014

Really, really, really is an asshole.

TowLauncher Tubezzz. Sep-15-2014

It takes a certain amount if real skill to get owned by your own car after you've just caused an horrendous crash. Lady Karma can be a real bitch at times! ;--)

Guest Tubezzz. Jan-18-2015

scary :/

Guest Tubezzz. Feb-19-2015

Dog tested. Dog approved. LOVE Subaru!

Guest Tubezzz. Mar-7-2015

Dentist says....floss after every accident. Or was that after every meal. Can't remember my head hurts.

BOZOO Tubezzz. Sep-7-2015

Another Darwin award given

Guest Tubezzz. Aug-3-2016

Wow this asshole in a Subaru actually accomplished running his own ass over...

zxc987 Tubezzz. Sep-22-2016

That floss pick as for the guy who came out of the car, he did not want to be embarrased in hospital with dirty teeth !, although he might have lost about 6 !

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