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This guy, obviously quite a talented skater, got hooked up on a handrail and was thrown hard to the ground. It’s moments like these I never want to look at a skateboard again.

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flylikeIdo Tubezzz. Feb-6-2014

So cool for not wearing a helmet.

wranglersalberta Tubezzz. Feb-7-2014

I see very few of these "skaters" ever wearing safety gear. I guess it is cooler to suffer cuncusion, seizures and broken bones.

Guest Tubezzz. Feb-14-2014

OMG !!!
OMG !!!

Those guys sound like teen age girls......

Guest Tubezzz. Feb-16-2014

Look the paramedic was nice enough to bring a pizza with medical attention.

Guest Tubezzz. Feb-28-2014

at the end looks like one of the emergency crew is about to share out his pizza

Imma Commin Tubezzz. Mar-16-2014


Guest Tubezzz. May-6-2014

Lawl it isn't a pizza, it's just a clipboard, a big one to say the least. You can tell because it has a reflection (the pizza boxes i know and love don't tend to be made out of heavy duty metal) and what he pulled out was a piece of paper, probably with boxes that he'd tick off, Medics gotta jot down notes of the situation to better evaluate what procedures to take, you know?

Guest Tubezzz. Jun-5-2014

My idol

Guest Tubezzz. Jun-7-2014

cuz they are

davidfraser Tubezzz. Jun-17-2014

What goods an helmet. when you land on your face. He didn't hit the back of his head. the way he landed was front first has he went forward he hit his chin. if you look closely his mouth was closed tight meaning he landed on his chin. breaking his jaw in a bad way. he mite have bit into his tongue also doing some damage that's why there's so much blood. and with the shock too his head made him go into shock and have a seizure. all I can say it my be funny too his mates. but at least they phoned for an ambulance. instead of just standing there.

CyberChrist Tubezzz. Jun-22-2014

Helmets are for, umm, non-paraplegics?

skoobee Tubezzz. Aug-4-2014


Guest Tubezzz. Aug-8-2014

won't be in need for any kind of brain protection now haha

Guest Tubezzz. Aug-8-2014

Wearing an idiot hat instead of a safety helmet fucking retard

nekooni Tubezzz. Aug-10-2014

buen golpe! a comer papilla por unos meses y bonita fractura! me gustaria ver sus radiografias

EyeKandy187 Tubezzz. Aug-13-2014

haha excactly what i was thinkin..

larry hazzard Tubezzz. Aug-26-2014

did the EMS worker at the end bring a pizza and offer the boys a slice? I'm pretty sure thats a pizza box he had

falconleos Tubezzz. Apr-17-2015

al final parece que alguien llega con una orden de pizza

Guest Tubezzz. May-28-2015

Nice of him to stop filming to help the guy out!

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