Brutal violence breaks out between rival fans at Brazilian football matchadded Mon Dec 9 10:36:11 2013 ago by Tubezzz in: Mad World | views: 17

Bloody riots erupted between rival soccer fans in Brazil in a savage battle that left multiple people seriously injured, including a critically-hurt man who had to be air-lifted off the field.

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starliner Tubezzz. Dec-19-2013

wow whats going on? these are usually so peaceful!

Guest Tubezzz. Jan-8-2014

Why people always so serious when it comes to sports? Out of hand.

Guest Tubezzz. Jun-1-2014

Age Of Football 2

THEBOSS1793 Tubezzz. Jul-16-2014

puroooo Chelseaaaa

RURIGHT Tubezzz. Apr-12-2015

We don't tolerate this crap in the States. Our sports are Family oriented not Thug oriented as most Soccer Countries. Give me American, Baseball, Football, and Canadian Hockey over the idiotic game of Soccer. Can watch the game for an hour and no wonder the men go nuts!

RURIGHT Tubezzz. Apr-12-2015

You haven't been around long have you? Google soccer fights from 1920 to 2015 and see what you get. It's a thugs game outside the USA.

JDillinger Tubezzz. Aug-3-2015

Yeah the states..a pridme example of a "civilized" country with family oriented sportsmanship..who are you kidding gun nut the only reason why americans dont like footbal or as you say soccer is because you didnt invent it or play any part in it whatsoever. And if you think that hockey doenst inspire rioting then please go back living under the rock like you have been doing all youre oriented psshh lets have a couple dozen men run into each other dont worry will give them helmets. Haha real family stuff

danjus Tubezzz. Aug-9-2015

I feel sarcastic comment

danjus Tubezzz. Aug-9-2015

Bunch of chiropractors

BOZOO Tubezzz. Sep-7-2015

And these sob's are moving into the USA as fast as that SOB Obama lets them in....
Soccer is a game for Thugs...a stupid no score game..It sucks
American Football all the way.

BOZOO Tubezzz. Sep-7-2015

You know why men act like this ?..In soccer these punks sit and watch a NO SCORE game for over an hour...they get pissed and fight.

In American sports we see a score . We don't sit and watch idiots chase a ball up and down for over an hour with no score. So fuck you and we Americans say keep your god damn soccer out of my country you filthy foreign son of a whore!

BOZOO Tubezzz. Sep-7-2015

Soccer a stupid game for stupid people...Sit and watch a game for over an hour and at the end the score could be ...0 to 0..!

Now why would someone watch a stupid game like this unless they were stupid asso's in the first.

Soccer is a game for children... this way no one wins and they all get a trophy!

JDillinger Tubezzz. Sep-21-2015

Youre filthy crack smoking mother should have swallowed you immature basterd you really need a game where everybody scores a lot of "points" for it to be intresting haha that says enough about youre intellect buddy

Charge61 Tubezzz. Feb-6-2016

A team gets a point for a no score draw. Some teams play for it when up against a better team. Football is the greatest game ever invented and anyone can play with the minimum of equipment....a ball. The only people who hate football are those who have never played it or are bitter because they are crap at it. For

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