Surveillance Footage of Fatal Shooting in Las Vegas Casino Releasedadded Wed Dec 11 19:46:02 2013 ago by Tubezzz in: Mad World | views: 10

Surveillance video taken on the morning of 10/21/13 shows a deadly shooting incident that occurred at the Drai's After Hours Club inside Bally's Hotel & Casino.

Robert Frazier is seen pulling out a pistol and shooting two security guards after getting into an argument over the $30 cover fee. As Frazier leaves, he fatally shoots passerby Kenneth Brown after Brown attempts to subdue him. Frazier was indicted by a grand jury on November 22nd and faces six charges, including murder, attempted murder, battery and carrying a concealed firearm.

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memc22 Tubezzz. Dec-13-2013

wtf happend why? like a movie scene

Guest Tubezzz. Jan-8-2014

Guy was hesitating like crazy after he witnessed someone taking the gunman down.... why didn't he just rush in and help by kicking the perp a million times square in the nuts?!

Guest Tubezzz. Jan-30-2014

how do u watch this fuckin thing?

Chris82 Tubezzz. Sep-2-2014

Umm with you eyes :oP

dan132456755454 Tubezzz. Feb-24-2015

and popcorn

Mad World


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