China - Lunatic slashes a girl with knife in broad day light in front of huge crowed!added Wed Jan 22 10:28:26 2014 ago by Tubezzz in: Mad World | views: 8

Happend last new years eve. the girl survived.

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anime10100 Tubezzz. Jan-23-2014

shes faking it, but this is sad no one helped

Guest Tubezzz. Jan-29-2014

they never help

Guest Tubezzz. Feb-7-2014

She must have done something to piss him off, she's a woman, isn't she?

Guest Tubezzz. Feb-8-2014

fucking sheeps

Guest Tubezzz. Feb-14-2014

I hope somebody dialed 411

paul2014 Tubezzz. Mar-22-2014

Fucking idiots.... watching all along until another 2 idiots policeman arrived...!!!

paul2014 Tubezzz. Mar-22-2014

Your mom faked it when gave birth to you...she never knew you will be an idiot!

Dementor338 Tubezzz. Apr-11-2014

That fool threw his water bottles at the attacker!

Guest Tubezzz. May-13-2014

I think she dead.

Guest Tubezzz. May-22-2014

fucking chinese

Guest Tubezzz. May-22-2014

I would have killed him in front of the police as they handcuffed him with my own knife

JuBa34 Tubezzz. May-24-2014

something even more cruel happened some days ago in china . a gangster taked a women in hostage in a mall infront 2 cops , and started stabbing her for no reason , the 2 officer didnt even jumped on him for defend her , they just throwed some grocery stuff and waited for the woman to die . saw it on liveleak btw . how the fuck is that possible ? in EU or USA , even one single citizen sometime jump and take risk against firearm , here its agaisnt a poor knife , and they are ... over a billion . sick .

Guest Tubezzz. Jun-8-2014

small dick syndrome hits again...

CyberChrist Tubezzz. Jun-22-2014

Life is cheap in china

nekooni Tubezzz. Jul-7-2014

is sad but for the chine's laws nobody is gonna help

ladybuglady2000 Tubezzz. Oct-31-2014

sad that no one wanted to help before the cops showed up.. they all hid or filmed it .. so sad

Guest Tubezzz. Oct-31-2014

Пока убивал - все смотрели, как убил - давай ловить...

Guest Tubezzz. Mar-20-2015

Dude just kill my ass, don't poke me with a knife over and over.

Kevin Kiso Tubezzz. Mar-27-2015

All those fucking coward Chinese bastards were walking right by like it was a day in the park before those pigs showed up. No dick = no courage.

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