Bullfighter Gets His Face Removed By Raging Bulladded Fri Aug 9 16:49:05 2013 ago by Tubezzz in: Mad World | views: 8

Go bulls!

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Michael44444 Tubezzz. Aug-15-2013

Instant karma, why torment the animals

varkhond Tubezzz. Sep-2-2013

Die you son of a bitch!
Anyone know if he died? Might be a stupid question... :P

Guest Tubezzz. Oct-15-2013

i hope he is dead.

Guest Tubezzz. Jan-21-2015

I don't wish him harm as all of you do but I can't feel sorry for a person who puts themselves in that situation. If he stayed home, This wouldn't of happened.

Guest Tubezzz. Jan-23-2015

awesome men!

Guest Tubezzz. Sep-26-2016

Wow...does this mean he is a "man" now?

elamentri Tubezzz. Dec-20-2016

Stupid cunt!

Mad World


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