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Nothing to see here.

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TowLauncher Tubezzz. Mar-5-2015

Aside from a sense of enjoyment, do any animal experts know what the positive stimulation is for the crow in a situation like this? It's facinating!

Guest Tubezzz. Aug-4-2015

My parents have an African Grey Parrot that is 18 years old and has the vocabulary of a 4 year old child. She can carry on a conversation, not just "mimic"' like a lot of people think. She will ask for the foods she wants, will sing by herself or when other people sing, she'll listen to the sound on the TV--her cage is out of sight of the TV, but she's close enough to hear it. She'll answer questions or make comments about what she hears on TV--that actually make sense. She notices when I don't come to visit with my husband, and she'll look for him and then ask where he is. I also had an African Grey parrot that got her name because she would sing and dance along to Rod Stewart's "Maggie May". She would bob her head in rythym to all sorts of music, but she didn't dance and sing along like she did when she'd hear "Maggie May"--I actually bought a Rod Stewart CD because when she's ride in the car with me--on the gear shift level of my Jeep--she'd start to dance and sing when I turned on the music and get upset when it wasn't "Maggie May" She LOVED to ride in the car. We had a little cat carrier so nothing would happen to her when we'd take her to and from our car, but in the car she'd sit on the gear shift handle (T shaped), my shoulder, or on my knee--when I was the passenger. I'd get the weirdest looks from people, but she LOVED riding in the car and would dance and sing--we'd have people watching at stop lights that couldn't believe that she was singing and dancing. She'd call our two cats--we got them as kittens when they were much smaller than her, and they grew up with her and never tried to hurt her. She'd call them and then laugh, and if they got too close, she'd grab their tails with her foot or with her beak--like she'd do with my fingers--there's a difference between her "mouthing" you and actually biting. There was no question about what she wanted--she communicated perfects. Check out the Einstein the African Grey parrot videos for more examples of how smart these birds are. Crows are even smarter than parrots, but their voice boxes don't have the same range of sounds, so they can't communicate like parrots. Birds take baths and fluff out in the sun because it feels good, and they'll ride thermals for hours, so I'm not surprised that they'd ride a make shift sled down a roof for fun. Lots of animals do things for fun. My cat loves to carry his stuffed animal rat around the house--his favourite game is tossing the rat down the stairs, running down after it, then tossing it back up the stairs--lather, rinse, repeat, for hours. My horse took a really obnoxious jerk for a "ride" then bucked him off. I KNOW he enjoyed the whole thing. (the guy wouldn't listen to me to stop pulling the bit in my horse's mouth and kicking him. I didn't want to let the guy ride, but my mom made me. I rewarded my horse with a peanut butter sandwich afterwards--his favourite. )

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