Mentally Unstable Goose Relentlessly Attacks Dog In Boat! added Sun Apr 28 06:35:48 2013 ago by Tubezzz in: Hall of Fame | views: 2

Old but gold.
A self-righteous goose attacks a poor mild-mannered dog, whose owner says things like “Dadgummit!” in reaction to stress. I would of beat the shit out of that thing!

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Guest Tubezzz. Apr-28-2013

poor pup!

braden Tubezzz. Apr-29-2013

I would have chocked the bird a bit after the third time

Justin B Tubezzz. Apr-29-2013

Would snapped that fuckers neck

TzuChin Tubezzz. May-18-2013


anime10100 Tubezzz. Dec-30-2013

you might have been to close to the goose nest, with eggs or babies

Guest Tubezzz. Apr-30-2014

I think I was trying to get some from the bitch

tidaki Tubezzz. May-28-2015

i would've grabbed that bitch ass by the beak and smash it on the boat several times for dinner. some animals just don't understand their place in the food chain.

Guest Tubezzz. May-28-2015


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