Incoming fish! Abandon ship!added Thu Feb 6 02:30:56 2014 ago by Tubezzz in: Animal Instinct | views: 1

When a huge sailfish landed in their boat, these two fishermen got in way over their heads. Literally. Unable to contain the colossal fish, both anglers abandoned ship, jumping into the ocean off the coast of Costa Rica and leaving the remaining crew to deal with the agitated sailfish.

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Guest Tubezzz. Oct-6-2014

haha their turn to catch the bait

PatrickLeaker Tubezzz. Jun-16-2015

Good ole swordfish. We hook them, they come up and try to hook us.

Guest Tubezzz. Jul-3-2015

I don't know which death would be worse. Death by swordfish or death by props.

Brogmoid Tubezzz. Jul-26-2015

Sailfish isn't a swordfish.

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