Oct-25-2012 (#15649) By: Tubezzz (points: 4420, rank: 7)

Undefeated - The Toughest Bridge in the World
This train trestle have stood its ground for the last 100 years.
This fact doesn't deter some drivers from challanging the bridge about once a month. all of them fail.
All footage courtesy of - copyright Jürgen Henn
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Oct-25-2012 (#15650) By: Guest user - Id: 9X12YORyn2

Ladies and gentleman introducing the big cap peela!!

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Nov-24-2012 (#19250) By: Guest user - Id: csleb9kdEw

If these trucking co's were heavily fined for wrecking the bridge, they could build a new one in a hearts beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oct-13-2013 (#41862) By: why - Id: a3B.sYLQ8o

they do fine them, a new brifge would stop the money flow

Nov-26-2012 (#19351) By: Guest user - Id: daMtEt9jEg


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Sep-22-2013 (#40392) By: Damka (points: 9, rank: 1027)

no prob with the bridge, it's stupid people driving that have shit for brains

Jun-28-2014 (#68351) By: Otto - Id: GEtmlpZfnk

Bridges don't kill trucks; people kill trucks...

May-3-2015 (#99473) By: people - Id: cVHWsP449I


Nov-27-2012 (#19525) By: Guest user - Id: 6BZuiszALs

So we can watch this awesome video compilation. Duh!!

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Nov-28-2012 (#19617) By: Guest user - Id: cB6ysyJS12

Because the bridge owners (the railroad) have the right of way, and have for 100 years.

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Dec-5-2012 (#20402) By: Guest user - Id: 2029hv99oY

Why not lower the road surface? Is this brain surgery? Another really easy fix is to place a bar or sign out ahead of traffic. Just like they do at every McDonalds or parking structure. Again, a cheap and safe way to manage a bad design from the DOT!

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Sep-22-2013 (#40391) By: Damka (points: 9, rank: 1027)

or, hmm, the sheep driving can read the clearance sign like they're suppose to...

Jan-3-2014 (#50391) By: Guest user - Id: 0eKmq5JZCk

They can read. They have no idea how tall the load is.

Dec-21-2013 (#47365) By: Guest user - Id: mlFHbSYaok


Dec-23-2013 (#47511) By: Guest user - Id: U5A69JKb2I

I believe they considered that, but there are water mains and other structures below the bridge which would make that prohibitively expensive. And as far as the railroad is concerned, it's not their problem.

Apr-9-2014 (#60475) By: TC - Id: aviq48DGRk

LOL..............this is the most reasonable way to solve the issue. Too easy.

Dec-2-2014 (#84690) By: ruthie - Id: bJ2413eH2c

Have you any idea what is involved in "lowering' a road? I think not. Figure in engineering costs
equipment costs,
material costs
labor to break up existing road
to haul away old road fill,
moving, connecting to sewer lines, drains, culverts, gas, electric, etc lines.
new road construction
etc, etc, etc.

Dec-5-2012 (#20467) By: Guest user - Id: 5HnwPg5Fbc

so it can wreck trucks and give us a laugh

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Dec-5-2012 (#20468) By: Guest user - Id: 5HnwPg5Fbc

NO let the trucks keep crashing....its funny

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Dec-8-2012 (#20676) By: Guest user - Id: JLoWC0EkLg

Wrong question.

Why can't these dumbasses read?

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Dec-9-2012 (#20761) By: Guest user - Id: 3Sv9de5mRI


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