Dec-8-2013 (#46144) By: Tubezzz (points: 4420, rank: 7)

Knockout ''Game'' Backfires
extremely satisfying to watch.

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Dec-8-2013 (#46145) By: hj - Id: gCe.N/MhHo

good, pice if shit

Dec-8-2013 (#46146) By: Cracker pay back - Id: RnM9X5ihG6

Excellent. Strike one up for the Whites (the good guys)

Dec-9-2013 (#46189) By: Brian - Id: w4nVcWHSgE


Dec-9-2013 (#46196) By: No one cares. - Id: JB3Oocf6lk

Your comment is some bullshit. There is no good or bad color. People are people, some are good and some are not.

Dec-9-2013 (#46203) By: Guest user - Id: HWlUO.nVF.

Well if that's the case post a video of white kids playing this game knockout. Every video I seen is young black males. Attacking white people so get your facts straight.

Dec-9-2013 (#46219) By: Midori - Id: 1uJo4Tx97s

better yet, why don't I post a picture of whites lynching blacks? would that make it all better in your limited world view?

Dec-9-2013 (#46221) By: phuckyu - Id: Eb66xvzm.Q

You can't hate the white man for noticing a trend. You racist piece of shit.

Dec-10-2013 (#46479) By: jokerprime - Id: hqdCZQ3NMM

You're an idiot - claiming to have broad grasp of "how things are" yet everything you have said has shown how small YOU are my friend..You deserve to have a black man beat your ass just so that you can really have a reason to hate.

Dec-10-2013 (#46490) By: Stupid Blacks - Id: DBZugjB3zA

Black people are animals. True Fact

Dec-10-2013 (#46525) By: HisRoyalBigness - Id: VCV/yE.gpQ

ALL people are animals... Truer Fact...

Feb-28-2014 (#56964) By: loluppl - Id: NR76kn1xas

It's funny, we don't hear about how "people" had slaves, we hear about how "white people" had slaves, but when black people are the main ones committing crimes, it's completely different story. Before anyone says it was all whites, although it was rare, black people had slaves themselves, not to mention the slavery that still goes on in Africa.

Dec-11-2013 (#46581) By: Guest user - Id: X03vZMMKx2

You're an asshole. True fact. Don't breed. Don't even talk. We don't need the world infected with people like you.

Dec-11-2013 (#46661) By: Guest user - Id: LRNspPHDDc

You really are a ignorant fool..

Sep-6-2016 (#130915) By: Sjfbhdb - Id: aJCUdpVlA2

You piece of shit you are an Animal

Dec-11-2013 (#46637) By: Guest user - Id: FLTW5fJ2Ks

another brain dead lib tard, you're worse than those fucking tea baggers on the right

Dec-12-2013 (#46735) By: Guest user - Id: sD8qDg9k3I

Just like orca wimpy says racists must die! No need to beat him up plenty of videos.

Dec-11-2013 (#46557) By: Nick - Id: cLH0s79nSw

Your the racist! How old are you to post such pathetic comments! Either go back to school, or do the world a favor and put a gun to your head and pull the trigger. The planet doesn't need arseholes like you on it!!

Dec-11-2013 (#46580) By: Guest user - Id: X03vZMMKx2

Did you just call him racist for trying to stop racism?

Dec-11-2013 (#46599) By: Guest user - Id: EKoyKUPgoI

Then just take a look at the military industrial complex playing the knock-out game on whole counties in the middle east...And the recent revelations of spying....White Supremacy runs rampant in a time when, as human beings, we can just be...Also, take a look at one particular video on YouTube...Just search DOD Employee MKULTRA....And how the music industry and hollywood promotes the subliminal mind control programming of "black people" in this society....What is it that they know about black people that they do not about themselves that sets them apart from the masses that the world is afraid of, if discovered? That does not excuse the actions of this idiot but shows more intrinsically that black people, due their need and want to "stay in the fold" are being mind controlled even moreso.

Dec-11-2013 (#46648) By: Guest user - Id: wJ1NvIRjxs

Oh my God, you'd better check your tinfoil hat, I think it fell off. Up your medication while you are at it.

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