Dec-29-2012 (#22412) By: Tubezzz (points: 4420, rank: 7)

Domino Style Rescue Attempt
Q: How many people does it take to rescue one guy who falls into a frozen lake?
A: It depends on weather or not you count the first 12 who try to save him and end up stranded in the same lake.

A sledding excursion turned into a rescue operation after a man fell into a frozen lake in Wrightwood, Calif.

The incident was caught on tape as one person after another tried to save the man only to slip on the ice themselves.
A crowd gathered on shore, frantically screaming for help.
After five minutes, nearly a dozen people were in the water while others throw ropes and inner tubes to no avail.

Nine minutes later, the man who first fell in along with all of his would-be rescuers managed to make it out of the water.
All of them are doing just fine.

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Dec-30-2012 (#22449) By: Guest user - Id: 0DQkuQ71kU

If the idiots all standing there ahd laid down in a long chain, there would have only been one in there in the firts place and the rescue would have been straightforward. Never underestimate the danger of ice

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Dec-30-2012 (#22451) By: Guest user - Id: ifX96F9tyk

Moral of the story is: only idiots go sledging down a hill with a frozen lake at the bottom. Good to see nobody was hurt though.

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Dec-30-2012 (#22452) By: Guest user - Id: CMV3R2Jpoc

Dumb yanks! Wtf are they doing on thin ice in the first place? Idiots!!,

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Jan-29-2013 (#25160) By: Guest user - Id: Q2.Biowzys

Those aren't yanks. The yanks are trying to help the stupid Mexicans get out f the lake.

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Dec-30-2012 (#22453) By: Guest user - Id: jcgLNFdIoA

Moral of story....stay off the ice!!!! Its okay for us trained rescuers to say what should be done in a situation like this, but the general public dont think like rescuers, they dont stop and do risk assessments, they act on inpulse..

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Dec-30-2012 (#22456) By: Guest user - Id: 08y05wB8qk


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Dec-30-2012 (#22472) By: Guest user - Id: c7.Ujrskug

They're like lemmings, they see what's happening to people on the ice so even more people gather on the edge and fall through.

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Dec-30-2012 (#22479) By: Guest user - Id: qXSWZh4Pj.


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Dec-30-2012 (#22487) By: Guest user - Id: b40mqIw4SM

the did excellent save him and save other people!Except, tha lady who took the video, she just tape and comment instead of help.

Last modified: Aug-26-2013

Dec-30-2012 (#22500) By: Guest user - Id: Ff26jquGTM

Lucky they got out ,so easily could of ended fatally.

Last modified: Aug-26-2013

Dec-30-2012 (#22502) By: Guest user - Id: WwtTRMHMME

One person did die on Jackson Lake. Was it in that incident?
See the quote:
Man drowns in rescue attempt | claridad, coroner, ice - Breaking ... › Local News26 Dec 2007 – Breaking News: Man drowns in rescue attempt | claridad, coroner, ice, water, ... two girls that fell through the ice at Jackson Lake in Wrightwood.

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Dec-30-2012 (#22505) By: Guest user - Id: fYCrWay9fE

i wanted everyone to fall in.

Last modified: Aug-26-2013

Dec-31-2012 (#22515) By: Guest user - Id: 2OyeXQHnDQ

I dont suppose all these morons writing in calling those would be rescuers idiots have ever made mistakes, have they ???? Some of those people risked their lives to save others.. when was the last time you morons did anything heroic ?? NAH, THOUGHT NOT !!!

Last modified: Aug-26-2013

Jan-1-2013 (#22559) By: Guest user - Id: AjzxmLq9YQ

Silly Californians, you can already tell the ice is not safe enough to walk on and yet, a bunch of them came to help which caused the ice to give in. Someone should of checked the ice thickness at the other end of the pond first and noticed it wasnt safe.

Last modified: Aug-26-2013

Jan-2-2013 (#22626) By: Guest user - Id: CTMXvgpRDU

Hahahahaaaa morons

Last modified: Aug-26-2013

Jan-23-2013 (#24570) By: Guest user - Id: jFxekNJ98w

haha, look at the guy in the grey hoodie (0.20 and 0.31). He's having the worst day ever.

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